FTK Diesel offers high-performance tuning services and mechanical upgrades to give your vehicle the appeal and performance you are after! We live, breathe and deliver maximum power and performance on the street, strip and track. Our expertise spans decades working with countless makes, models and set-ups.  We are the performance shop to go to.  Make an appointment with us if you’re looking to put down maximum power on the road or track.

We handle the installation of parts and accessories, as well as custom tuning on our full in-house Mustang MD-1100DE Chassis Dynamometer . We have worked with top manufacturer’s for R&D, product testing and development through the years which makes us the “Go To Shop” if you want the job done correctly!

High-Performance Truck Build & Tuning Shop


Full Throttle Kustomz Diesel creates power and performance.

We build, modify and custom tune trucks that put serious numbers out. Our work is seen at tracks around the world, SEMA, in print internationally, and on television.  We specialize in building and tuning trucks for the street, sled pulling, and drag racing.  We provide additional services as needed to achieve maximum performance, and stunning appearances.

  • In-House Transmission Builds
  • Engine Packages
  • Engine Swaps & Complete Wiring
  • Equipment and Parts Acquisition
  • Fabrication & Welding
  • Drivetrain Upgrades
  • Brake Upgrades
  • Fuel Lift Pump / Injection Pump / Injectors
  • Leveling and Lift Kits
  • Wheel / Tire Packages 

Accurate Performance Assessment & Tuning

Full Throttle Kustomz Diesel utilizes a 2,500 WHP in-house chassis dynamometer, a broad suite of advanced tuning software applications, and over 25 years of experience to achieve high-performance and sustainable tunes for various efi types. 

Our dyno services include baseline pulls, before and after pulls to verify the gains from your modifications, custom tuning by FTK Diesel, rental if you prefer to tune yourself, drivability diagnostics for the stubborn running issues that are hard to duplicate and can be done in a safe enviroment, and even dyno days for your car or truck club.  Some tunes are more complex than others and fees for tuning on the dyno are based on  hours required and the modifications done. We encourage you to contact out shop for quotes on dyno rental and advanced tuning jobs.

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