Performance Tuning Services

FTK Diesel provides tuning based on decades’ experience building and tuning high-performance trucks.  We are heavily invested in a broad array of tuning software applications.  Our dyno performs up to 2,500 wheel horsepower.

Pricing for utilizing our dyno and technician services – for baselines and tuning – is simple matter of dyno hours needed or utilized.  Some runs and adjustments are relatively simple.  Others are more involved. Tuning starts at $200 and goes up  according to your needs. Please get us your details and a description of your dyno needs and performance goals and we’ll get you and accurate quote for service costs.

High-Performance Street, Drag & Track Trucks

FTK Diesel offers a variety of tuning options according to your performance goals. We utilize the most advanced tuning software along with two decades of experience dialing in vehicles at our state-of-the-art shops in Boardman, OH and Fillmore, CA shop.

We have tuned with the best software companies in the world. It doesn’t matter whether it is gas or diesel, we have you covered!

We often travel across the United States tuning a wide range of vehicles and applications for individuals and shops alike. We have countless 1500+hp street trucks under our belt that are being reliably driven daily. Don’t take your car to an inexperienced tuner and become a statistic. Let FTK Diesel put the finishing touches on your ride to ensure peak performance and all around streetablity.

Bring Your Truck or Vision to Full Throttle Kustomz Diesel

We Deliver performance. We’ll see you at the shop.

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