Maximize Your Car or Truck's Capabilities

Full Throttle Kustomz offers tailored performance tuning based on decades of experience working with countless makes, models and set-ups.  Make an appointment with us if  you’re looking to get maximum performance from your car or truck.

We handle both the installation of parts and equipment as well as full in-house dyno tuning on our own equipment.  We work with nearly all manufactured performance equipment in the following set-ups:

Late Model Forced Induction

Classic Muscle Forced Induction

Naturally Aspirated


Full Throttle Kustomz Dynomometer

We offer dyno performance testing & report services.   

Verify the performance level you’re currently making.  Need more? FTK can accommodate. We’ve been performance tuning cars and trucks for decades.  You can draw every bit of performance your current set-up has to offer – in a conservative tune.

Need more still?  Talk with us about additional equipment mods available to reach higher numbers and faster speeds.  We’ll get it, install it and tune it.  That’s it…

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